An extensive view of the details of all running projects on one dashboard, monitoring performance and customer response in real-time.

Before starting the course make sure:

  • You are familiar with the other sections of the workbench.
  • You know how to work with Grafana.
  • Have perfect understanding of your prediction needs

Learn more about the Gafana dashboards:

Grafana dashboards

Keep up to speed with the work happening across business pillars. Keeping track of employee, model, and project performance all in one place, all while being able to update predictions. Throughout the entire data science journey, monitoring is the key to success.

Using dashboards, monitoring of customer engagement in real-time gives you a view of how successful new prediction implementations are. Monitor the progress of deployed models and the successes of specific customer outcomes. Enhancing overall management of prediction project success, with a constantly updating view of performance.

For every prediction project deployed in the ecosystem.Ai workbench, progress and performance can be tracked.