Begin your journey to building human-centric interactions with ecosystem.Ai

The lessons in this course are designed to help you get started building with your Prediction Project Modules.

Low-code and easy to use, Modules integrate seamlessly into your existing environment. Each Module comes pre-configured with comprehensive algorithms and ready-to-use behavioral features. This course consists of individual lessons designed to give you a clear view of how to build using the configurations of a specific module.

The lessons contain links to further resources which will allow you to build similar projects with your own configurations in future.



Lesson 1

Data Science Experimentation:  This lesson consists of step-by-step actions that can be taken in the ecosystem platform. Learn how to constructively apply an experimentation based methodology, accurately configure settings in the Workbench or Notebook, and set up simulations to test hypotheses. Follow the guide to then analyze and monitor the in-process results of your live experiments, using Dashboards.



Lesson 2

Recommenders: Learn how to rapidly deploy resilient, real-time recommenders using the ecosystem.Ai Platform. This lesson outlines the steps you will take to build the configurations needed for your recommender. Go through the steps of identifying the right kind of data for your project, assigning recommender model types, and configure deployment details. Learn how to then view and analyze your recommender dashboards in order to alter variables and increase recommendation effectiveness.